Graphic design was the first area of art where I finally thought “wow, no way, I could maybe actually do this for a living”.

Oil painting, while totally and completely awesome, had never seemed totally and completely realistic, and I didn’t yet know that illustration existed as a field to go into— it more seemed like a side hobby to dabble in.

So it was graphic design that first gave me hope that I just might be able to make a career as an artist.

Since that turning point four years ago, when I began to consider art as more than just a hobby, I’ve been hard at work combining everything about art that I love. So, yes, I’ll admit— some of the work in this “graphic design work” section aren’t purely graphic design. Some of the pieces include illustrations, some lettering, some both. But that’s one of the reasons why I love art so much; nothing is ever set in stone.

FIRST up is a collection of pieces I worked on during my internship at the company BrandJuice. I can't say I ever expected to learn so much from an internship. It was an amazing first step into working within a creative team in an agency setting. A lot of the work that I did at BrandJuice was classic helpful intern work-- tweaks on already existing documents, putting together powerpoints, and all that jazz that doesn't look terrific in an online portfolio. However, I did get to do a couple projects and logo designs beginning to end.

My last few weeks at BrandJuice, my primary task was to work on a completely new reconstruction of the BrandJuice newsletter. I designed the email template first in Adobe Illustrator, and then transferred the images into MailChimp. These are some of my process photos:

NEXT up is a set of work is all part of a 26-page booklet I created for the company Pounds Medical Weightloss Transformation. I would consider it my first real job in the sense that it was my first 9-5 where I actually got paid to do what I loved to do. Craziness. 

Pounds was awesome about giving me fairly free reign. They wanted a completely fun, rebranded company that didn't scream "weightloss", but instead screamed "food is fun and cool and good!"

And, to wrap it all up, these pieces don't exactly have a common denominator-- they're just a mish mosh of projects I've worked on in the past couple years. Some are for school, some for various freelancing clients.